Load of Mine Doors
Lamps & Ballasts

Stock #4100-070190Lamp LU400LUCALOX HPS C400S51 - Call for Price
Stock #4100-080000Ballast 2-F96 120V B2601120RH0001 - Call for Price

4100-070199 LAMP MH 1500 WATT MOGUL BASE
4100-070231 LAMP  METAL HALIDE 1000W MVR1000U
4100-070241 LAMP FLUOR F40CW "ALTO"  4FT
4100-070113 LAMP FLUOR F96T12CW "ALTO"
4100-080000 BALLAST 2-F96 120V B2601120RH0001
4100-080010 BALLAST 2-F40CW 120V B234SR120M
4194-010303 BALLAST HPS MT 150W 12310-165-S500K

Call for details and pricing.